Tuesday, April 26, 2011

some value studies

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  1. Stephen, this is an intriguing set-up? Who the heck are those giant creatures (or is it a tiny house in the middle of the woods)?

    The value study that seems the most successful, IMO, is the 2nd one, where the giants are very dark and the house brighter. It has more overall value range and contrast than the third option (and more drama). The first version seems odd with the characters looking paler in an otherwise dark setting (if they glowed, I could see it make sense).

    One question that this illustration needs to address sufficiently is: what is this house doing in the middle of the woods? We should see paths the owner treads (if inhabited). If it's so remote from civilization, how do the residents feed themselves? What does the architecture say of the people who built it? In other words, it should tell some of its story.

    For the trees, consult images of trees until you find some that capture your fancy and use them as models. You can make your own "hybrids" by combining features of one species to traits of another. At any rate, since they occupy so much of the space, they should at least have personality.

    What do you notice about the base of the row of trees that's behind the house? There's a minor arrangement that's not happy. Can you see it and fix it?

    Finally, the "giants." While those standing behind the house look HUGE, the one in the foreground looks like a normal human. Is that what you intended? His behavior (visible to the others) make him look like he's part of the clan of giants. Is that so? If not, either change his scale or his acting.

    I'm very intrigued to see where you take this! Go for it!